About OSGA

The OSGA provides support for the 36 Districts and receives support and funding from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

Currently in the Province of Ontario, there are 36 Member Districts of the OSGA.

Mission Statement

To provide older adults (55+) in Ontario with an opportunity to:

  • increase their social interaction with others,

  • increase their physical and mental well-being,

  • maintain and enhance their psychological and physiological well-being through participation in recreational activities and sports.


  • enhance the opportunity for seniors to expand and develop their social interaction,

  • provide an environment that stimulates physical activity,

  • provide an environment conducive to mental development,

  • increase participation in recreational activities, and

  • facilitate more cooperation and communication between older adult groups within the Province of Ontario.


  • ensure that activities are conducive to an environment for social interaction;

  • have appropriate recreational and sport activities so that the older adult is able to meet new people and establish new relationships;

  • encourage social activities in the form of banquets, luncheons, dinners, dances and more that will stimulate social interaction;

  • establish an environment that reflects current trends in sport, fitness, and cultural and artistic activities;

  • promote any innovative physical activity for the older adult through appropriate administrative governing bodies in fitness and sport;

  • promote improved fitness levels;

  • promote activities that reflect current needs of the older adult in relation to their mental well-being;

  • demonstrate that older adults can remain active;

  • encourage increased participation on an ongoing basis; and

  • promote active living among older adults in Ontario.