Bob Secord Award of Excellence - 2016 Recipients

Secord 2016

2016 Bob Secord Award Winners
​Cliff Giles (D29), Ronnie Brown (D5) and Marion Timmins (D7A

Cliff Giles (District 29)

  • He has been a District Committee member for 12 years carrying various roles (Executive for 2 years, Assistant Coordinator for 2 years and District Coordinator for 4 years).
  • He has convened events such as Golf, Euchre, Bid Euchre and Cribbage as well as taught events like Solo and Bridge
  • During the time Cliff has been involved, he has shown, time and time again, a style of leadership that is clear, well organized and always positive. With his way of doing things, people feel good and people who feel good, will generally come back. This has proven to be the case in Cliff’s home community of Parkhill. Not only have participation numbers increased in Parkhill and in the District as a whole, the seniors are now involved in a number of new events. Cliff has been, and still is, a great ambassador for the District and the Ontario Senior Games.

2015 Recipients
Freida Calcutt (District 29)
John Heyden (District 6)

2014 Recipients
Paulette Kupnicki (District 32)
Al Hunter (District 15)

2013 Recipients
Barry Fay (District 30)
Monique Dawkes (District 8)


History of the Bob Secord Award Of Excellence 

Past Recipients of the Bob Secord Award of Excellence

Ronnie Brown (District 5)

  • She heard about the senior games around 1996 and at that time started to participate in some events happening in District 5. She served as Secretary and District Coordinator for District 5.
    She was council member for Eastern Ontario and sat on the OSGA Board in that capacity.
  • She has also held every position over her 21 years involved with the OSGA Board including Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, President, Past-President and is now retiring as Canada Games representative for Ontario.
  • Ronnie Brown will let you know in no uncertain way what she really thinks but you will also see her devote as much time and energy to the organization as she can. Her contributions to the OSGA are unmatched and appreciated!   

Marion Timmins (District 7A)

  • ​She originally joined the OSGA in 2003 as part of District 9 - Lanark/Leeds/Grenville and worked tirelessly to bring change to the area through the formation of District 7A - North Lanark, which includes Carleton Place and Mississippi Mils. She served as President of the new District 7A from 2008 to 2010 and has since been responsible for Fundraising.
  • She spends her time networking and phoning seniors to serve on the executive as well as ensure everything is set for district events.
  • Marion speaks up in support of any effort to improve the fitness level of local seniors. Her dedication to seniors includes attending most games, loudly cheering on the participants.